About Us

Who We Are

The owners, Kevin Torres and Micah Chandler, started the company in September 2014 as a boutique IT and intelligence consulting firm, aimed at providing elite support to private and public sector organizations on both subjects. We believed in providing a superior quality of work, exceptional service, and a maintaining a strong work ethic.

Our first offering was in the defense intelligence field, providing intelligence training to Navy Special Operations Forces support personnel. This quickly expanded to include a training course on intelligence operations for the same community.

Over time, we saw the same skills and expertise were lacking in other industries, so we decided to open our aperture and adapt our materials and approaches to the corporate world. Now we are in discussions with companies focused on topics such as lean IT operations, strategic IT-business collaboration, counter-poaching and anti-human trafficking.

We also relied on our military and special operations backgrounds and applied many of the concepts from that community to the corporate world. We provide elite-level outsourced IT operations - all the way up to serving as a CIO - to customers, with a focus on providing quality support with the team we provide. Our IT consultants come from a variety of backgrounds: corporate IT, military IT, and some have already served as CIOs at other companies. That valuable experience is then provided to our customers if necessary.